Established in 1993, microtherapy is the leading provider of radio systems solutions in Canada.

Our products include RADIUS, RADIUS/HUB and RADIUS/ATC (AirTrafficControl) in Canada. Plus, Radius, Analysis One and GameTime in the U.S.

Our mission is to provide the best possible user experience with powerful yet easy-to-use software. We work tirelessly (literally!) to improve our products and meet the continually changing needs of the industry and users of our software.


Hello, my name is George Parkinson, founder and President of microtherapy.

In 1987, I was introduced to the radio industry at RSG (Radio Sales Group) in Toronto and knew that I had just found a new passion. The job was to develop software solutions for the rep shop by spending time immersed in research, sales, traffic, and management reporting. My excitement, knowledge base and skill set grew rapidly by listening, questioning, learning and developing what was needed.

I worked hard and learned a lot. Over the next few years through mergers and acquisitions, I ended up at All Canada Radio & Television where my education continued. When All Canada and UBS merged to form CBS (Canadian Broadcast Sales), I was recruited into banking. However, my heart was just not into developing banking software.

This proved to be a pivotal opportunity to merge all that I knew and loved about radio with what I had learned in banking to create microtherapy inc.

The rest, as they say, wrote itself. It’s been one heck of a ride and I can’t imagine doing anything else. I fell in love with the radio industry from day one, and 29 years later, the love affair continues.

George Parkinson


Hi, I’m Randy Missen, Senior Software Engineer.

From software development to data production in TV and Radio, I have extensive experience in the broadcasting industry. Before joining microtherapy, I spent 22 years at Numeris (formerly BBM Canada), most recently as Vice President at Special Projects.

Prior to the above, I was Lead Developer at Harris Media Systems for 10 years where I worked on applications in Transit, Newspaper, Magazine and TV, with a focus on Radio.

I am a graduate of the University of Waterloo where I earned a Bachelor of Mathematics, with Honours in Computer Science.

Having known George for 20 years, I am excited to finally be working with the microtherapy team.

Onward and upward,
Randy Missen


Hello, my name is Sonja Kersnik, Director of Client Services, and lead support for microtherapy.

After graduating from York University with degrees in Math and Marketing I started my market research career in the advertising industry with ACNielsen, then as the Marketing and Sales Analyst for Astral Communications.

In 2000, I joined Standard Radio as a Local Research Manager and later, a Systems and Research Manager for the national sales group at imsRadio.

I have worked with sales teams, program directors and senior managers across the country, providing rating analysis and insights into listener behaviour. As a self-proclaimed techie, I was also on speed dial for everyone when they needed technical support or software training.

My expertise in broadcasting software expanded a couple of years later when I worked closely with George on the launch of ATC. In 2007, I switched sides joining the microtherapy family and since, haven’t looked back.

I’m here to make sure that everything runs smoothly. I always do my utmost to make sure that you’re happy and your needs are met.

Looking forward to speaking with you soon,
Sonja Kersnik


Hello, I’m Andriy Kvasnytsya, team leader of software development for RADIUS.

I am a C#/.Net specialist.

After winning numerous awards in student competitions for mathematics, physics and computer science, I graduated from Lviv National University with a Master of System Analysis and Management.

I started my professional career in 2005 with projects for U.S. retailers and the UK banking system, moving into the hotel service industry and the Dutch retail sector before becoming part of the RADIUS family in 2013.

The future is exciting! Can’t wait to see you there.

Andriy Kvasnytsya


Hello, my name is Buck.

I’m in charge of office security.

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