New PPM Audience Analytic Tools

PPM Audience Analytic Tools

microtherapy, Canada’s leading provider of radio software solutions, is excited to announce the release of Radius 2021.1. The latest version of Radius includes the launch of two new Radius PLUS analytic tools that provide unparalleled insights of PPM audiences.

Radius PLUS’ Panel Time report allows meter market radio broadcasters to profile stations based on length of participation, exposing potential opportunities and risks. Tuner Trend delves deeper into PPM tuning trends, providing Program Directors and Insights teams with detailed, up-to-date tracking of station performance. Identifying the reasons for tuning changes lets PDs make more informed programming decisions.

Radio broadcasters told us that they wanted tools that would allow them to better identify and plan for audience changes.

Panel Time and Tuner Trend, along with the rest of the Radius PLUS suite of analytic tools, delivers this in a powerful yet easy to use interface.

George Parkinson, President and CEO of microtherapy.

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