Radio Buying is Now Faster and Easier with Radius HUB 2021


microtherapy, Canada’s leading provider of radio software solutions, has released a major update to its Radius HUB platform. Radius HUB 2021 contains several new features that make radio buying and selling even more efficient.

HUB’s Scheduler Editor has been transformed to include integration with microtherapy’s Radius scheduling and analytic software, allowing schedule creation and analysis within a single application.

With market level summaries, full support for rated and non-rated stations and new flexible schedule template options, HUB’s Scheduler Editor gives buyers and sellers everything they need to quickly and easily execute radio buys.

Plus, with other upgrades such as the ability for both buyers and sellers to create and clone campaigns, Radius HUB delivers unparalleled radio buying efficiency.

George Parkinson, President & CEO of microtherapy.

Interested in how Radius HUB can improve your radio buying/selling process? Please contact us for details.